We do not remember the beginning of our life, we have some vivid memories of growing up but we cannot be certain about how various event made us feel while growing up. Out of all the emotions that are felt some are overly expressed like joy & some are just felt and never visible as they are new and we do not necessarily know how to even process them before we can clearly express… so when we cry we are made to believe that we are sad or hungry or sleepy but thats not always true as we might be angry, irritated, agitated, afraid, emotional and so on.. could be hundred different things. Life becomes a series of such events and when we go out in the world and try to navigate our life, we learn to process these emotions gradually. We might not be champions at processing every emotion and therefore few of them tend to be an important part of our personality. Thats the reason why some of us end up being called angry, over-sensitive, stubborn, pessimistic etc.

Only if we were all told that these emotions that we feel for a minute or few are not there to stay forever, these are just there to be felt and we need to slowly let go of whatever caused it. The only way is to reach back to your soul and find that inner peace yet we all let them overpower us…we all do

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